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INTErnational Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory (INTEGRAL)


Launch Date: July 15, 2009

Extended Mission Lifetime: 2023+ (Pending NASA Senior Review)

End of Operations: Reentry in 2029

Data Archive: ESA

INTEGRAL performs spectroscopy and imaging of gamma-ray sources. It is an ESA medium-sized mission with additional contributions from Italy, France, Germany, and Spain, and with Roscosmos and NASA as external partners. Gamma-ray bursts are distributed through the Integral Burst Alert System (IBAS).

InstrumentsEnergy RangeField of ViewLocalization
Imager on Board the INTEGRAL Satellite (IBIS)15 keV–10 MeV0.25 ster≤ 4′ radius (statistical, 90%)
SPectrometer on INTEGRAL AntiCoincidence Shield (SPI-ACS)>75 keV4π ster

GCN Notice Types in GCN Classic and GCN Classic Over Kafka: Detailed Descriptions and Examples

INTEGRAL_WEAKLow-significance events~1 minutes
INTEGRAL_WAKEUPFirst Notice with a position~1 minutes
INTEGRAL_REFINEDUses more data (if a long burst)1-2 minutes
INTEGRAL_OFFLINEHuman-involved post-processing1–3 hours
INTEGRAL_SPIACSTimestamp only; no position information~1 minutes

Common GCN Circular Types:

Identification of a GRBhoursGRB 220514A
Follow-up of a GW trigger1 hourLIGO/Virgo S191213g

Yearly Trigger Rates:

IBISGamma-ray burst5-10
SPI-ACSGamma-ray burst100-120
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