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GCN Circular 6

1970-01-01T00:00:00Z (55 years ago)
GRB971214 - USNOFS Observations Summary                               #006

A.A. Henden, C.B. Luginbuhl and F.J. Vrba (U.S. Naval Observatory
Flagstaff Station) report that they obtained a total of 111 min
integration of the revised SAX localization for GRB971214.  The data
are a combination of 600-sec and 30-sec exposures taken with the
1.0-meter telescope using a Tek2048^2 CCD and a R-band filter.  It is
hoped that the short exposures will allow the recovery of at least some
information in the region near the bright star HD103690 (V=6.7) located
within the localization.  The first image began 1997 Dec 15 10:44 UT,
the last ended 13:42 UT.  Images are presently being processed.  There
are no obvious differences between these images and the DSS.  When
completed, a stacked and trimmed composite of all images will be posted
on our anonymous FTP site ( / for
comparison with earlier or later epoch data.  To get the image, login
as "anonymous", use your email address as the password if required.
The file will be /pub/outgoing/fjv/grb971214-1214R.fts.

We intend to observe the localization again tomorrow morning if possible
(1997 Dec 16 UT).
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