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GCN Circular 6936

GRB 071018: Possible OT from Xinglong TNT observation
2007-10-18T23:55:33Z (17 years ago)
L.P. Xin at NAOC <>
L.P. Xin, M. Zhai, Y.L. Qiu, J.Y. Wei, J.Y. Hu, J.S. Deng, X.F Wang 
and W.K. Zheng on behalf of EAFON report:

We have imaged the field of GRB 071018 (Krimm et al. GCN 6932, Sato et al. GCN 6933) 
with the TNT 0.8m telescope at Xinglong Observatory started 
from 19:05:11.203 UT, about 0.435 days after the trager of the 
burst.  A set of 15*600s R-band images were obtained. 
In our 15*600s combined image, we found two clear new objects
at the position RA(J2000) = 10;58:11.3 Dec(J2000)=+53:50:56 and 
RA(J2000)= 10:58:21.459 Dec(J2000)=+53:51:09.85 within the error 
region of the BAT (GCN 6933), based on the USNO-B1.0 
with uncertainties of 3" in both coordinates, respectively. 

After psf photometry, we estimated that the magnitudes of 
the new two objects were about 21.49+-0.220, 21.46+-0.227  reletive to 
USNO-B1.0 stars, respectively, with the mean time 0.486 days after 
the burst.

We could not confirm that which one of the two new objects was the OT
of the burst or maybe thay were not al all but one of them 
was possible to be.

We suggest new observations will be going.

More detailed analysis is on going!

The message my be cited

[GCN OPS NOTE(19oct07): Per author's request, The Subject-line
was changed from "20070521" to "071018".  The first line was changed
from "071013 (GCN 6932, GCN 6933)" to
"071018 (Krimm et al. GCN 6932, Sato et al. GCN 6933)".]
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