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GCN Circular 6370

GRB070429B: position correction
2007-04-30T21:20:31Z (17 years ago)
Antonino Cucchiara at PSU <>
Cucchiara A. (PSU), S. B. Cenko (Caltech), D. B. Fox (PSU), E. Berger
(Carnegie), and J. S. Bloom (UC-Berkeley) report on behalf of a larger

We re-analyzed our GMOS imaging data on GRB070429B (Cucchiara et al.,
GCN 6368).  We found the position previously reported for the sole
object in the XRT error circle was incorrect.  An updated position for
this object is:

	RA = 21:52:03.729  (J2000)
	DEC = -38:49:42.84  (J2000)

This represents an offset of 2.70" W and 0.05" S from our previously
reported location.  The new position was calculated with respect to
several USNO-B1 objects in the field.  We estimate a positional
uncertainty of 0.3" in each coordinate.  

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
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