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GCN Circular 5019

GRB 060428b: Optical afterglow candidate
2006-04-28T11:15:34Z (18 years ago)
Paul Price at IfA,UH <>
P.A. Price (IfA, Hawaii), T. Minezaki (IoA, Tokyo), L.L. Cowie, Y.
Kakazu (IfA, Hawaii) and Y. Yoshii (IoA, Tokyo) report:

We have observed the XRT localisation of GRB 060428B (GCN #5017) with
the robotic MAGNUM telescope.  Observations were made under clouds in R
and I bands starting at 2006 Apr 28.38 UTC, with interruptions due to
weather.  Observations consisted of 10 x 65 sec exposures in R-band.

We identify a source in the combined image,  which does not appear to be
in the DSS 2 red plate.  While a precise astrometric solution is not yet
available, our estimate of the position is approximately 3 arcsec west
of the USNO-B1 source 1520-0246226 (at 15:41:25.96 +62:01:30.160 J2000),
or around

	15:41:25.5 +62:01:30 J2000

The source is approximately R ~ 19.6 mag at the time of our observations
(from comparison with the USNO-B1 catalogue), and also appears in
subsequent I-band and R-band combined images.

An image of the field is available at
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