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GCN Circular 30277

GRB 210619B: Xinglong TNT optical observations
2021-06-20T16:13:35Z (3 years ago)
Liping Xin at NAOC, SVOM <>
L. P. Xin (NAOC), X. Li (THU),  Y. L. Qiu(NAOC), J. Y. Wei(NAOC),  
J. Wang(GXU),  L. H. Li (NAOC),  C. Wu(NAOC),  E. W. Liang(GXU), 
X. H. Han (NAOC), A. Y. Zhou (NAOC) and J. S. Deng(NAOC) report:

We began to observe GRB 210619B (Swift detection: D'Avanzo et al., GCN
30261; GECAM detection: Zhao et al., GCN 30264; Fermi-LAT detection: 
Axelsson et al., GCN 30270; Konus-Wind detection: Svinkin et al., GCN 30276; 
Afterglow detections: Lipunov et al., GCN 30259; D'Avanzo et
al., GCN 30261; Lipunov et al., GCN 30262; Jelinek et al., GCN 30263; 
Kong, GCN 30265; Pellegrin et al., GCN 30268; Perley, GCN 30271; 
Zheng &amp; Filippenko, GCN 30273; Redshift: de Ugarte Postigo, GCN 30272, 
Blazek et al., GCN 30274; Kann et al., 30275) with Xinglong TNT telescope, 
China, at 15:23:44 (UT), 20th. June. 2021,  about 14.43 hours after the burst, 

A series of  R and B band images were obtained. 
The afterglow is clear detected in our single image with a magnitude of 19.0 mag 
in R band comparing to several nearby USNO B1.0 stars.

Observations are still continuing. 

We acknowledge the excellent support from Xinglong staff YuGuang Sun. 

The message may be cited.
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