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GCN Circular 27937

GRB 200613A: Kitab and AbAO optical afterglow observations, host galaxy candidate
2020-06-14T08:21:00Z (4 years ago)
Alexei Pozanenko at IKI, Moscow <>
A. Pozanenko (IKI), S. Belkin (IKI), A. Novichonok (Petrozavodsk State 
University, KIAM), R. Ya. Inasaridze (AbAO), V.R. Ayvazian (AbAO),�� G. 
V.�� Kapanadze (AbAO),�� E. Mazaeva�� (IKI), A. Volnova (IKI), I. Molotov 
(KIAM), Sh. Ehgamberdiev (UBAI) report on behalf of IKI-GRB-FuN:

We observed Fermi�� GRB 200613A (Fermi GBM team, GCN 27926; Bissaldi et 
al., GCN 27930; Ohno et al., GCN 27931) with Kitab-ISON RC-36�� telescope 
starting on 2020-06-13 (UT) 17:58:33 in Clear filter and AS-32 telescope 
of Abastumani observatory in R. Within localization area of XRT 
afterglow (Kennea et al., GCN27936) we�� detected the only one object in 
(J2000) 10:12:10.02 +45:45:13.7
The object is also visible in SDSS *(SDSS12 J101210.07+454512.8*) as a 
galaxy**with a photometric redshift of z= 0.4745.

(We believe that Kann et al. (GCN 27935) observed and reported the same 

We suggest the SDSS galaxy *J101210.07+454512.8* is a host galaxy of GRB 
Preliminary photometry of the source is following

Date,���������� UT start, t-T0,���� Exp.,�� Filter,�� OT,���� Err., UL
 �������������������������������������� (mid, days)
2020-06-13�� 17:58:33�� 0.54057 60*60 CR���������� 19.39�� 0.20�� 19.8
2020-06-13�� 18:16:59�� 0.55024 50*60�� R���������� 19.27�� 0.07�� 22.1

The photometry is based on nearby SDSS DR12 stars
SDSS-DR12_id�������������� R(Lupton)
J101149.76+454320.7 12.404
J101245.45+455119.1 13.328
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