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GCN Circular 2228

HETE GRB030329, correction to Rc Observations in Loiano
2003-05-13T18:01:31Z (21 years ago)
Graziella Pizzichini at IASF/CNR,Bologna <>
G. Pizzichini and P. Ferrero (IASF/CNR, Bologna), C. Bartolini, 
A. Guarnieri, A. Piccioni (Bologna University), A. Righini (Firenze 
University) and I. Bruni (Bologna Astronomical Observatory) report: 
The Rc magnitude quoted by us for the OT of GRB030329 in GCN 2136
was not correct, due to a bad subtraction of the background
in conditions of nearly full moon.
By coadding the three exposures listed below:   
   UT  start    exptime  filter
  Apr. 13.8783  300s     Rc
  Apr. 13.8824  300s     Rc
  Apr. 13.8865  300s     Rc

and using the star at RA = 161.231899, DEC = 21.522793,
in the new field photometry given by Henden, GCN 2082, 
we now find Rc = 19.53 +- 0.20 .
In the following night, by coadding the exposures:

   UT  start    exptime  filter
  Apr. 14.8879  300s     Rc
  Apr. 14.8923  300s     Rc
  Apr. 14.8973  300s     Rc

 and still under very unfavorable conditions because of the moon,
we find Rc = 20.27 +- 0.33. Errors quoted are 1 sigma.
We thank Dr. A. Henden for promptly signalling the problem to us and
Dr. E. Palazzi for useful advice.
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