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GCN Circular 2136

GRB 030329 Rc observations
2003-04-14T15:53:59Z (21 years ago)
Corrado Bartolini at Universita di Bologna <>
  SUBJECT: GRB 030329: Rc photometry in Loiano
  G. Pizzichini and P. Ferrero (IASF/CNR, Bologna), C. Bartolini, A.
  Guarnieri, A. Piccioni (Bologna University), A. Righini (Firenze
  University) and I. Bruni (Bologna Astronomical Observatory) report:
  We observed  the optical afterglow (Peterson & Price, GCN
  1985) of GRB 030329 (Vanderspek et al., GCN 1997),
  using the 152cm telescope + BFOSC of the Astronomical Observatory in
  Loiano (Italy),
  Seeing was  ~ 1.5", but observing conditions were limited, due to
  the low angular distance to the moon and the not perfect weather conditions.
  We co-added the three exposures listed below:
   UT start    exptime  filter
  Apr. 13.8783  300s     Rc
  Apr. 13.8824  300s     Rc
  Apr. 13.8865  300s     Rc
  and used the following stars in Henden's photometric calibration
  RA= 161.174977  DEC= 21.542124
  RA= 161.158874  DEC= 21.562989
  RA= 161.162639  DEC= 21.516308
  RA= 161.166023  DEC= 21.570694
  We obtain a preliminary magnitude Rc = 18.66 +/- 0.11.
  This message may be cited.
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