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GCN Circular 18298

GRB 150906B - NGC 3313 association: Constraints from Ep-Eiso and Ep-Liso Relations
2015-09-12T19:47:57Z (9 years ago)
Binbin Zhang at UAH <>
Fu-Wen Zhang (UNLV/GULT), Binbin Zhang (UAH) and Bing Zhang (UNLV) report:

GRB 150906B was observed by Konus-Wind as a typical short, bright and
spectrally hard burst with Ep=928(-95,+111) keV (Golenetskii et al.
GCN 18259). It was suggested (Levan et al. GCN 18263) that it may be
associated with NGC 3313 (z=0.0124, d=54 Mpc) with an offset = 130
kpc. Using the flux/fluence and spectral information of Golenetskii et
al. GCN 18259, we plot GRB 150906B in the E_p-Eiso (Fig1) and E_p-Liso
(Fig 2) diagrams and compare it with other short and long GRBs. We
found that GRB 150906B would be a significant outlier of both
relations if it had occurred at redshift = 0.01. So if the burst is
indeed within the aLIGO horizon, it must be very different from most
short GRBs we observe. If one believes this burst is a typical GRB,
then it would have a redshift in the range of ~0.1 to 1.0.  We note
that Ruffini et al. (GCN 18296) reached a similar conclusion

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