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GCN Circular 17631

GRB 150323C : Xinglong TNT optical observation
2015-03-24T05:34:21Z (9 years ago)
L.P. Xin at NAOC <>
L. P. Xin,   X. F. Wang,  J. Y. Wei,  Y. L. Qiu,  J. S. Deng, 
J. Wang,  X. H. Han and C. Wu on behalf of EAFON report:
We began to observe GRB 150323C (Amaral-Rogers et al., GCN 17621) 
with Xinglong  0.8-m TNT telescope at 2015-03-23, 17:07:27(UT),
about 126 sec after the Swift trigger time. 
The new source within XRT circle  (Amaral-Rogers et al., GCN 17621 ) 
 reported by Xu et al., ( GCN 17625 )  was clearly detected  in our coadded images.  
Preliminary analysis shows that  the brightness of this optical transient 
in R band is rising  from 21.6 to 20.2 and then decaying,  
indicating that this source is the optical afterglow of the burst.  
All the magnitudes are calibrated by a nearby USNO B1.0 object 
( RA: 16:50:26  DEC: 50:11:48, R2=16.47mag ).
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