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GCN Circular 11913

GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: optical observations
2011-04-09T12:36:58Z (13 years ago)
Alexei Pozanenko at IKI, Moscow <>
V. Rumyantsev (CrAO),  A. Volnova (SAI MSU), E. Klunko (ISTP), A. Pozanenko 
(IKI), on behalf of larger GRB follow up collaboration report:

We observed the 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451 (Cummings et al., GCN 
11823) with Shajn telescope of CrAO  observatory and AZT-33IK  telescope of 
Sayan observatory (Mondy) . Several series were taken on March 31, April 1 
and 3.  In each epoch of our observations we clearly observed the optical 
counterpart (Cenko et al., GCN 11827, Leloudas et al., GCN 11830, Volnova et 
al., GCN 11837).  The photometry is based on the USNO B1.0 star 1476-0321081 
(16 45 07.13 +57 36 03.4) assuming R=19.38.  The first column represents the 
time since first Swift trigger  (Cummings et al., GCN 11823).

#, T0+      Filter     Exposure    OT                    telescope

4. 3.28240  R         10230        22.44 +/-0.14      AZT-33IK
5. 4.35111  R         69x60        22.45 +/-0.12      ZTSh
6. 6.44459  R         96x60        22.68 +/-0.05      ZTSh

Some details of our observations can be found at

[GCN OPS NOTE(30apr11): Per author's request, Elunko was changed to Klunko.]
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