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GCN Circular 9712

GRB090726: 6-meter telescope redshift
2009-07-27T14:06:50Z (15 years ago)
Vladimir Sokolov at SAO RAS <>
T. Fatkhullin (SAO RAS, Russia), J. Gorosabel  (IAA-CSIC, Spain),
A. de Ugarte Postigo (OAB-INAF, Italy), A. Moskvitin, A. Valeev,
S. Fabrika, O. Sholukhova (SAO RAS, Russia), A. Castro-Tirado
(IAA-CSIC, Spain) & V. Sokolov (SAO RAS, Russia) on behalf of a
larger colaboration, report:

Following the detection of the GRB090726 optical
transient (Moskvitin et al., GCN 9709) we observed
the afterglow with the SAO RAS 6-m telescope in
Caucasus using SCORPIO in the spectroscopic mode.
The wavelength coverage and resolution were
3700-7800AA and FWHM=10A, respectively.
One 10-min long exposure was obtained starting at
00:15 27 July 2009 UT (T-T0 = 1.545 hours after the
trigger). A number of absoption lines were detected
in the spectrum. These are  SiI 1526.7, CIV 1548.2,1550.8,
AlII 1670.8, SiII 1304.4,1309.3, SiIV 1393.7,1402.7,
FeII  1608.4 as well as Ly alpha at common z = 2.71
which we interpret as the GRB090726 redshift.

This message may be cited.

P.S. We made a typo in GCN 9709.
In the first line one should read "GRB090726"
instead of "GRB090618". We apologize for our carelessness.
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