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GCN Circular 9477

GRB090529B: ROVOR Upper Limits
2009-06-01T21:51:27Z (15 years ago)
J. Ward Moody at BYU <>
Richard L. Pearson, Cameron J. Pace and J. Ward Moody report for
Brigham Young University�s ROVOR team:

We searched for GRB 090529B at the position specified by the Fermi
notice processed at 07:27:20UT on 29 May 2009 (Fermi-GBM Ground
Position notice, trigger 265274784, record 57). The notice reports a
GRB position of 15h 36m 29s +37d 02� 22� (J2000) with an error of 9.86
degrees. ROVOR�s 0.41 m telescope, with a FOV = 10 arcminutes,
centered the frames at 15h 36m 26.924s (� 0.0990 arcseconds) +37d 04�
28.748� (� 0.1145 arcseconds, J2000). Rau (GCN Circ. 9473) reports a
ground calculated location of 15h 25m +32d 12� with an uncertainty of
7.2 degrees. Our images are well within the degree of uncertainty
reported by the Fermi trigger and within 1.9 degrees from the
specified location in GCN Circ. 9473.

ROVOR began retrieving data at 08:51:06.4UT (1.15 hrs post-burst). 25
x 60s frames were taken in the R band and 10 x 60s frames were taken
in the V band. No optical afterglow was located after stacking the
images and comparing them to the STScI Digital Sky Survey image of the
same field. By using calibration stars from the nearby field of Mrk
501 (16h 53m 52.13s +39d 45� 36.2�, J2000), limiting magnitudes of V >
20.7 � 0.1mag and R > 21.4 � 0.1mag were found.
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