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GCN Circular 939

Possible InfraRed Transient of GRB 010214.
2001-02-15T17:33:01Z (23 years ago)
Angelo Antonelli at Obs. Astro. di Roma <>
A. Di Paola, F. D'Alessio, L.A. Antonelli, Osservatorio Astronomico 
di Roma, Italy, M. Dolci, Osservatorio Astronomico di Teramo, Italy,
on behalf of a larger collaboration report:

"We observed the BeppoSAX WFC error circle of GRB 010214 
(Gandolfi, GCN #933) with the AZT-24 1.1-meter telescope 
at Campo Imperatore (AQ), Italy.

The J-band observation started at February 15.17928 UT and 
the field was imaged for a total exposure time of 2550 sec. 
We detected a faint point-like source which is not present 
in the Digital Sky Survey-2 IR, R and B plates nor the
2MASS plates. The source is located at:

    RA(J2000)=   17h 40m 54.0s
    DEC(J2000)= +48d 32' 20"
    (uncertainty is 2")

This position lies within the WFC error circle (GCN #933)
and is just outside the BeppoSAX NFI error circle quoted
by Gandolfi GCN #937.

The source was detected with a S/N=12 and had a magnitude of 

Further observations are needed in order to confirm that this 
is the IR counterpart of GRB 010214.

The J-band image is posted at

This message is citable."
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