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GCN Circular 927

GRB010126: CONCAM crude optical limits during GRB
2001-01-30T00:16:18Z (23 years ago)
Robert Nemiroff at Michigan Tech. <>
R. J. Nemiroff, D. Perez-Ramirez, W. E. Pereira,
J. B. Rafert, C. Ftaclas, and J. Fernandez 
(Michigan Tech)
report on behalf of the CONCAM collaboration:

The CONtinuous CAMera (CONCAM) operating at
Kitt Peak National Observatory has recorded fisheye 
images that provide crude limits on the attributes of 
an OT through non-detection. 

A relevant CONCAM frame contains an integration from 
33022 s to 33202 s that brackets 33048 s, the time 
of the GRB trigger reported by Hurley et al. in GCN922, 
and the duration of the GRB as reported by Hurley et al. 
in GCN 921.  Raw FITS data are available at .  Processed GIF images of this 
frames, the previous frame, and the following frame, 
are available here:

No obvious optical counterpart down to about visual 
magnitude 6.3 over the three-minute exposure is visible 
on the frames.  This is, to the best of our knowledge, 
the first time an optical electronic instrument was 
observing a GRB location during a GRB trigger.

The time recorded on the CONCAM frames are behind the 
actual UT time by about 26 seconds.  We have corrected 
for this in this report so that the uncertainty in the 
above reported times is only about 2 seconds.
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