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GCN Circular 9136

GRB 090417A: nearby galaxy redshift
2009-04-17T16:27:39Z (15 years ago)
Nial Tanvir at IofA U.Cambridge <>
P. T. O'Brien and N. R. Tanvir (U. Leicester) report:

We note that the bright 2MASS galaxy at the edge of the BAT error
circle, pointed out by Fox (GCN 9134), has a spectrum measured as part
of the 6dF survey, which gives a redshift of z=0.088.  This
corresponds to a luminosity distance of about 400 Mpc in standard
cosmology, which would be very large for an SGR giant flare, but quite
plausible for a short-GRB comparable in luminosity to several others
which have been seen at moderate redshifts.

The spectrum can be seen at the following link:
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