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GCN Circular 903

GRB 001212 Optical Observation
2000-12-15T10:57:23Z (23 years ago)
Jin Zhu at BAO <>
GRB 001212 Optical Observation

J. Zhu and J. Ma, on behalf of BAO GRB team,


"We have imaged a 58'*58' field including the complete error box for
GRB 001212 (Hurley et al., GCN 899) with the 0.6/0.9-m Schmidt telescope
of Beijing Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 8 frames
(300-s exposure time each) were obtained between Dec. 14.61 to 14.64
(48 hours after the GRB) with the BATC i-filter (6660 +/- 240 A), under
thin clouds with a nearby bright moon. The images were not in good quality
because of the unstable weather, and photometry at the position of the
possible OA suggested by Mohan et al. (GCN 900) performed on the combination
image of our two images (which in relative good quality) results a detection
of a possible source at RA=06:49:38.19, Dec=+36:22:53.8 (J2000.0) for the
epoch of Dec. 14.631. Assuming R=14.6 for a star at RA=06:49:30.03,
Dec=+36:24:35.5 (J2000.0) gives R=17.4 (+/-1.0) for our detection, which
is almost at the detecting limitation of the image. Follow-up observation
is going to be made at around Dec. 15.6 under same system configurations."

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Jin Zhu                          | Tel.:  +86-10-62751286 (O)
Beijing Astronomical Observatory |        +86-314-5054767 (Schmidt dome)
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P. R. China                      | Fax :  +86-10-62765031
Room 2919, No. 2 Science Building, CAS-PKU Beijing Astrophysics Center,
Peking University, Beijing 100871, P. R. CHINA.
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