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GCN Circular 8409

GRB 081025: Burst detection from Swift-BAT slew data
2008-10-26T01:18:16Z (16 years ago)
Antonio Copete at Harvard U <>
A. Copete, J. Grindlay (Harvard)
J. Cummings, S. Barthelmy, C. Markwardt, N. Gehrels (NASA/GSFC)

We report the detection of a GRB candidate by the BAT Slew Survey  
(BATSS) in the slew that started at 08:22:02 UT. The ground-calculated  
position is
RA, Dec = 245.298 +60.466 deg, which is
  RA (J2000) =  16h 21m 11s
  Dec(J2000) = +60d 27' 58"
with an uncertainty of 2.87 arcmin (90% confidence, including  
systematic error). The detection was triggered by simultaneous  
independent detections of 12.9 sigma and 13.7 sigma from imaging in  
the 15-50 keV and 50-150 keV energy bands, respectively. The burst  
profile shows a series of 4 main peaks starting at T+63sec, which a  
measured T90 = 23sec and T50 = 17sec, and the burst leaves the BAT  
field-of-view at T+120.

A follow-up Swift ToO observation has been scheduled to begin on  
10/26/08 at 04:58 UT, 20.6 hours after the burst.
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