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GCN Circular 813

GRB 000926, optical observation by Oksanen (vsnet-grb)
2000-09-29T11:55:19Z (24 years ago)
Taichi Kato at Kyoto U <>
GRB 000926, optical observation by Oksanen (vsnet-grb)

   The following observation has been reported to vsnet-grb No. 14

Subject: [vsnet-grb 14] Re: GRB 000926, Oksanen's image

Re: GRB 000926, Oksanen's image

>On Oksanen's image, a very faint source near the position of the
>candidate of the afterglow of GRB 000926 (vsnet-grb 10) is shown.  
>It is not shown in the DSS 2 R image.  Further analysis is

The precise astrometry using 43 USNO_A2.0 stars yields:
R.A. = 17h04m09s.71 +/- 0s.05, Decl. = +51o47'10".0 +/- 0".5
(2000.0), which shows quite good agreement with the reported
positions.  Oksanen reports that every POSS scan examined at USNO
server does not show this object.  Thus it is highly probable that
this object is the same object as a candidate of the afterglow of GRB 

  The magnitude was about 20.0CR at Sept. 28.8 UT
(comparison star is USNO_A2.0 star at 17h04m01s.21, +51o46'19".9
(2000.0), rmag = 17.1, same as Halpern et al. (GCN 806)).
Note that it is somewhat brighter than Hjorth et al. (GCN 809) report.

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan
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