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GCN Circular 795

GRB000911, Radio and Optical observations
2000-09-14T21:14:28Z (24 years ago)
Edo Berger at Caltech <>
E. Berger (Caltech), P. Price (RSAA, ANU), D. A. Frail (NRAO), T. Axelrod
(RSAA, ANU), B. Schmidt (RSAA, ANU), and T. Galama (Caltech) report on
behalf of a larger collaboration:

"Beginning on September 14.36 we re-observed the IPN error box of
GRB000911 (GCN #791) with the VLA at 8.46 GHz.  We find one new source
which is not cataloged in the NRAO VLA Sky Survey (NVSS), with a flux
density of approximately 300 microJy, at RA=02:18:34.362 Dec=+07:44:27.65,
with a conservative error of 0.6 arcsec in both.  The flux at this
position appears to have increased by approximately 2-sigma since our
previous observation on September 13.49 (GCN #794).

We have also re-examined the image from the Mount Stromlo Observatory
50-inch telescope of September 12.73 UT (GCN #793) at the position of the
radio candidate.  We detect a faint source with R ~ 20.6.  We note that
there are no sources at this position on the DPOSS images (Djorgovski et.
al., 1999). Typical limiting magnitudes are B_J ~ 22.5, R_F ~ 20.8, and
I_N ~ 19.5.
Further observations at the VLA are planned."

Djorgovski, S. G., Gal, R. R., Odewahn, S. C., DeCarvalho, R. R., Brunner,
R., Longo, G. & Scaramella, R. 1999, in Wide Field Surveys in Cosmology,
S. Colombi et. al., eds., p. 89

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[GCN OPS NOTE (23oct00):  The RA,Dec position listed in the originally
distributed version of this Circular was incorrectly listed as
RA=2:18:34.41 Dec=7:44:28.76.  The correct location is RA=02:18:34.362
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