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GCN Circular 7916

GRB 080701A: Swift/UVOT Upper Limits
2008-07-01T22:11:42Z (16 years ago)
Frank Marshall at GSFC <>
F.E. Marshall (NASA/GSFC) and M.C. Stroh (PSU)
report on behalf of the Swift/UVOT team:

The Swift/UVOT observed the field of GRB 080701A starting 2983 s after
the BAT trigger (Stroh et al., GCN Circ. 7910).  We do not find a source
in any of the UVOT observations inside the enhanced XRT error circle
(Evans et al., GCN Circ. 7914). The 3-sigma upper limits for detecting
a source in the first finding chart (FC) exposure and co-added frames are:

Filter            T_start(s)   T_stop(s)     Exp(s)     Mag (3-sigma UL)

white (FC)        2983         3082           98        >19.7
white             2983         9403          736        >21.0
v                 3914         4113          197        >19.1
b                 3298         4934          393        >20.2
u                 3093         4728          393        >19.9
uvw1              4324         4523          197        >20.0
uvm2              4119         4318          197        >19.6
uvw2              3709         3908          197        >20.2

The values quoted above are not corrected for the expected Galactic
extinction corresponding to a reddening of E(B-V) = 0.54 mag in
the direction of the burst (Schlegel et al. 1998).
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