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GCN Circular 7915

GRB 080701A: Early Super-LOTIS Observations
2008-07-01T21:05:17Z (16 years ago)
Peter A. Milne at Super-LOTIS <>
P.A. Milne (U Arizona) reports on behalf of the Super-LOTIS team:

The robotic 0.6m Super-LOTIS telescope began R-band observations of the error
region of GRB 080701A at 10:14:25 UT, 49 seconds after the trigger.
Initial 10 and 20 second exposures reveal no sources other than those
present in the relevant DSS image. A stack of 30x60sec images
reveals no source at the location of the XRT source (Stroh et al.,
GCN 7911), down to a 3-sigma limiting magnitude of R~19.5. Comparisons of
initial and final images reveals no brightening or fading sources.

We used the USNO-B star at RA=03:02:55.5, Dec=+75:28:42 to derive the
R2 magnitude upper-limit.

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