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GCN Circular 7706

GRB 080507: Keck photometry
2008-05-10T02:33:56Z (16 years ago)
Daniel Perley at U.C. Berkeley <>
D. A. Perley (UC Berkeley), J. X. Prochaska (UCO/Lick), and J. Hennawi 
(UCB) report:

We imaged the field of Super-AGILE GRB 080507 (Lapshov et al., GCN 7697) 
with Keck I (+LRIS) during morning twilight starting at 15:03 UT on 
2008-05-08 (31.3 hours after the trigger).  Four exposures were taken in 
g and R filters simultaneously, although due to twilight only the first 
two R-band frames were usable.

We detect the optical afterglow reported by Kann et al. (GCN 7701) at a 
position of:

RA  =  15:34:43.39
Dec = +56:26:08.28
(estimated uncertainty of 0.7")

in R-band.  Our magnitude, calibrated to seven USNO-B1.0 stars, is R = 
22.20 +/- 0.11 at 1.31 days after the trigger.  This supports the 
generally non-fading behavior between 1-2 days after burst in 
observations from the Swift UVOT (Breeveld et al., GCN 7702) and 
Tautenberg (Kann et al.).

For reference, the observed magnitudes of two nearby USNO stars in the 
same calibration system are:

15:35:10.99 +56:23:57.02  R = 20.53 +/- 0.02
15:34:47.68 +56:25:16.44  R = 18.63 +/- 0.01
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