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GCN Circular 7636

GRB 080319A : Liverpool and Faulkes Telescopes Observations
2008-04-21T17:34:09Z (16 years ago)
Andrea Melandri at Liverpool John Moores U <>
A. Melandri (Liverpool JMU), A. Gomboc (Ljubljana), C. Guidorzi
(INAF-OAB), R.J. Smith, I.A. Steele, C.G. Mundell, D.F. Bersier,
M.F. Bode, M.J. Burgdorf, S. Kobayashi, C.J. Mottram (Liverpool JMU),
P. O'Brien, N. Bannister, N. Tanvir (U. Leicester) report on behalf of 
larger GRB collaboration:

We observed the field of GRB 080319A (trigger = 306754, Pagani et al.
GCN 7426) with the Liverpool Telescope (T_start = 32 min after the burst
event) and the Faulkes Telescope North (T_start = 525 min after the burst

The optical counterpart reported by Cenko et al. (GCN 7429) and Malesani
et al. (GCN 7436), is clearly visible inside the XRT error circle
(Beardmore et al., GCN 7448) in our first images :

Telescope   Filter   DT_mean(min)   Exposure(s)    Mag     Err
   LT          r'        34.2         360         21.45   0.16
   LT          r'        43.3         600         21.94   0.40
   FTN         r'       542.3        1000        >20.61

Magnitudes were calibrated with respect to SDSS calibration's field (Cool
et al. GCN 7467).
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