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GCN Circular 7225

A new website of high-level data products for Swift GRBs
2008-01-29T00:01:13Z (16 years ago)
Scott Barthelmy at NASA/GSFC <>
S. D. Barthelmy (GSFC), T. Sakamoto (GSFC/UMBC), P. Evans, J. P. Osborne
(U. Leicester), N. Gehrels (GSFC)
on behalf of the Swift team, report:

There is a new website which contains high-level data products
of GRBs detected Swift-BAT and have follow-up observations by Swift-XRT.

These are all ground-processed data products done via automated pipelines
within an hour after the data are downlinked.  With each telelmetry downlink,
if more data are received, the webpages are automatically updated.
The time delay (after the burst) ranges from an initial posting typically
at ~T+2 hours and a final update after ~20 hours for BAT products and for XRT
the updates continue for as long the target is observed (days to weeks).
In addition to the automated posting of the data poducts, an assessment
is made by humans as to the cause of the trigger (eg GRB, noise,
XYZ J1234+456, etc) and posted within 1-4 days.

The data products available are:  BAT mask-weighted lightcurves on several
timescales and binnings (text and graphical) and fitted spectra; and
XRT afterglow lightcurves (text and graphical), and hardness ratios
as a function of time.  The text-forms of the lightcurves are suitable
for plotting to your needs and incorporation into papers.  Further details
are described on the webpage.
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