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GCN Circular 7188

Transient 080109/ SN 2008D, IR Spectrum
2008-01-16T20:14:54Z (16 years ago)
Peter Garnavich at U of Notre Dame <>
H. Marion (U. Texas/Texas State), P. Garnavich (Notre Dame)
and C. Gerardy (FSU) report:

We obtained near-infrared spectra of supernova 2008D (ATEL 1353; GCN
7160) with the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) and
SPEX instrument. The data were taken January 14.4 UT and cover
the wavelength range 0.7 to 2.5 microns. A preliminary reduction
of the spectrum shows a strong absorption feature at 1.01 micron.
This feature is seen in several other type Ic events (e.g. SN 1994I,
Millard et al. 1999, ApJ, 527, 746; SN2002ap, Motohara et al.
2002, IAUC 7834) and is probably a combination of HeI, CI and SiI.
A weaker feature at 0.80 micron is likely to be CaII (0.858 micron)
with an absorption minimum at 21000 km/s.

We thank Alan Tokunaga for coordinating these observations at the IRTF.
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