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GCN Circular 7064

Swift XRT follow-up observations of GRB071028B
2007-11-12T20:25:48Z (17 years ago)
Dirk Grupe at PSU/Swift-XRT <>
Dirk Grupe (PSU)  reports on behalf of the Swift XRT

The Swift XRT re-observed the field of GRB 071028B (GCN 7019; Cummings
2007) on 2007 November 07 for 9  ks and 2007 November 10 for 11ks.
Clearly the first source listed in GCN Circ 7040 (Grupe & Schady, 2007)
had faded while the second source is still visible at a similar level as
reported in GCN 7040. It is therefore clear that this first source
was the X-ray afterglow
of GRB 070128, since its flux decreased.
The position of the X-ray afterglow of GRB 071028B is
RA-2000, Dec-2000 354.16300, -31.62050 which corresponds to

RA-2000 = 23 36 39.1
Dec-2000 = -31 37 13.8

with a 4.8" XRT error circle.
The 3-sigma upper limit at the position of the burst combining both data 
(20ks) is 6.7e-4 counts/s which converts roughly to 3e-14 ergs/s/cm2.

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