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GCN Circular 692

GRB000604, optical observations
2000-06-07T17:09:24Z (24 years ago)
Alan H. Diercks at Caltech <>
A. Diercks and I. Cotoros report on behalf of the Caltech-NRAO-CARA
GRB collaboration:

We have examined our Gunn-r images of the GRB000604 error box
(Hurley et al, GCN #687) from June 6.24 - 6.28 UT (Cotoros et al, GCN
#688) and do not detect the object reported by Leibowitz (GCN #690).
The coordinates of Leibowitz's candidate fall within the overlap of
our two pointings and the combined image (5x500s) has a 5-sigma
detection limit measured relative to several USNO A2.0 stars of
approximately r ~ 22.0 +/- 0.2, though this calibration should be
considered preliminary pending more accurate photometry of the region.

We find for Leibowitz's Star A (as shown in the finding chart RA=15:35:52.6,10:41:08.8
+/- 1 arcsec measured against 58 USNO A2.0 stars.  At the resolution
of our images, Leibowitz's "Star B" is identifable as a galaxy.

In addition, we have re-imaged the entire IPN error box with the
Palomar 60" from June 7.26 - 7.30 UT in Gunn-r (5x500s).  Lebowitz's
object is not detected in our combined image which has a similar
limiting magnitude as the June 6 data.

Given the non-detection of Leibowitz's candidate in our data at epochs
which bracket the Wise observations, we believe this object is not
related to GRB000604.

An image of the field is available at:

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