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GCN Circular 6915

VLA detection of radio afterglow of GRB 071010B
2007-10-14T18:12:15Z (17 years ago)
Poonam Chandra at U Virginia/NRAO <>
P. Chandra (UVA/NRAO) and  D. A. Frail (NRAO) report on behalf of the
Caltech-NRAO-Carnegie GRB Collaboration:

"We observed the Swift burst GRB 0701010B (GCN#6871) using the VLA at 
a frequency of 8.46 GHz and starting at 18.42 UT on Oct 13, 2007. 
We do not detect any radio  emission at a position of (J2000):
RA: 10 02 09.28
Dec: 45 43 49.07 
The flux density at this position is  276 � 49 uJy.

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