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GCN Circular 6872

GRB 071010A: Keck/LRIS Photometry
2007-10-10T21:16:37Z (17 years ago)
Josh Bloom at UC Berkeley <>
D. A. Perley, J. S. Bloom, M. Modjaz, and D. Poznanski (UC Berkeley)  

"In addition to the spectroscopic followup reported by Prochaska et  
al. (GCN 6864), we acquired imaging of the GRB 071010A field in g and  
R band with the Keck I 10m telescope (+LRIS) starting in twilight and  
continuing until the object set.  The fading afterglow reported by  
Klotz et al. (GCN 6860) is well-detected.

Photometry, calculated relative to the USNO B1.0 catalog, is as follows:

   t_start(min)         R       err
      67.497      18.025 +/- 0.03
      71.041      18.080 +/- 0.03
     189.225     18.784 +/- 0.02
     194.482     18.806 +/- 0.02
     199.457     18.827 +/- 0.02
     201.544     18.846 +/- 0.02
     203.794     18.873 +/- 0.02

This photometry supersedes the preliminary report in GCN 6861 (Bloom  
et al.). In addition, starting at 213 minutes after the trigger we  
obtained a rapid series of 26 simultaneous g+R integrations of  
typically 30 sec duration, lasting until 239 minutes after the  
trigger.  Analysis is ongoing."

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