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GCN Circular 6704

GRB 070802: REM optical observations
2007-08-03T13:54:30Z (17 years ago)
Eliana Palazzi at IASF/CNR,Bologna <>
E.Palazzi, S. Covino, L.A. Antonelli, L. Calzoletti, 
S. Campana, G.  Chincarini, M.L. Conciatore, S. Cutini, P. 
D'Avanzo,   V. D'Elia, F. Dalessio, F.  Fiore, D. Fugazza, P. 
Goldoni, D. Guetta,  C. Guidorzi, G.L. Israel,  D. Malesani, N. 
Masetti, A. Melandri, E. Meurs, L. Nicastro, E. Pian, S. Piranomonte, D. 
Rizzuto,  L.  Stella, G.  Stratta, G. Tagliaferri, G. Tosti, V. 
Testa, S.D. Vergani,  F. Vitali   report on behalf of the REM team:

"We observed the field of the GRB 070802 (S. D. Barthelmy et al., GCN 
6692)  with the robotic 60-cm REM telescope located at La Silla (Chile).
A set of observations was performed automatically in the R optical filter 
starting at 07:17:44 UT (52 sec after the Swift alert; about 10 minutes 
after the burst) and lasted about 40 minutes.

The analysis of the first 15 minutes exposures do not show 
the optical/NIR afterglow candidate reported by J. Greiner et al (GCN 
6694), E. Berger et al (GCN. 6695), D. Malesani et al (GCN. 6696). 
The 3-sigma limiting magnitude in the stacked images is R~17.0"
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