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GCN Circular 6515

GRB 070612A: SARA detection of possible OT
2007-06-12T08:20:57Z (17 years ago)
Adria C. Updike at Clemson U <>
Adria C. Updike, Dieter H. Hartmann (Clemson University), Gary Henson
(ETSU), Robert Mesler, Christina Bunker, and Jason Carson (ETSU/SARA REU
program) report:

We imaged the field of GRB 070612 (GCN 6509, Grupe et al.) beginning 1
hour and 17 minutes after the trigger (282006) with the SARA 0.9m at
Kitt Peak under decent weather conditions and high airmass.  We obtained 
20 minutes of exposures in the R band before the target set.

We detect a source at RA 08:05:28.533, Dec +37:16:09.57  (+/-  1") at an 
R-band magnitude of 17.16 +/- 0.17 calibrated relative to 5 USNO B1.0 
stars.  It appears that this coincides with a source in the SDSS images 
near this location (GCN 6510, Cool et. al), but appears significantly 
brighter than two nearby sources of similar magnitude.  Thus, we 
identify this as a possible afterglow signature, however we cannot 
establish whether or not it is fading.

We encourage further observations.

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