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GCN Circular 6309

Infrared detection of GRB070419A with UKIRT
2007-04-19T14:10:53Z (17 years ago)
Evert Rol at U.Leicester <>
E. Rol, N. Tanvir (U. of Leicester), T. Kerr (JAC), report for a
larger collaboration:

We  observed the  field of  GRB070419A with  UKIRT-WFCAM,  starting 39
minutes after the  GRB trigger (Stamatikos et al.,  GCN 6302). We find
the following magnitudes for the infrared counterpart of GRB070419A:

     T                 filter   magn    error(magn)
(hours post  trigger)
   0.654                 J     18.27      0.08
   0.734                 H     17.83      0.13
   0.814                 J     18.56      0.09
   0.896                 K     17.26      0.18
   1.665                 K     18.30      0.18

The magnitudes are calibrated with respect to the 2MASS catalogue.
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