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GCN Circular 6282

GRB 070412: Swift-XRT refined position
2007-04-12T09:21:24Z (17 years ago)
Pat Romano at OAB-Swift <>
P. Romano, C. Guidorzi (Univ. Bicocca & INAF-OAB),
A. Moretti (INAF-OAB), P.A.Evans (LU)
report on behalf of the Swift Team:

We have analysed the first 4 orbits of XRT data from GRB 070412
(Romano et al., GCN Circ. 6273).
A 2.4ks photon counting mode image provides a refined XRT position RA,Dec=181.5426
+40.1438 :

RA(J2000)  =12h 06m 10.22s
Dec(J2000) =+40d 08' 37.8"

with an uncertainty of 4 arcsec (90% containment). This is 10.5 arcsec away from the
initial XRT position quoted in GCN Circ. 6273 (Romano et al.).  Based on these new
coordinates, the position of the NOT candidate  (Malesani et al., GCN Circ.6276), the
IAC80 optical candidate (M. Jelinek et al.,  GCN Circ. 6279), as well as the position of
the i-band candidate afterglow  (Berger et al., GCN Circ 6280), are all outside our
error circle.

This circular is an official product of the Swift XRT Team.
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