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GCN Circular 6254

GRB 070406: NOT observations
2007-04-07T16:43:11Z (17 years ago)
Daniele Malesani at Niels Bohr Inst,Dark Cosmology Center <>
D. Malesani (DARK/NBI), H. Uthas (NOT), C.C. Thoene, J.P.U. Fynbo, J.
Hjorth (DARK/NBI), M.I. Andersen (AIP) report on behalf of a larger

We observed the field of the short GRB 070406 (Cummings et al., GCN 6247)
using the NOT equipped with ALFOSC. Observations were carried out in the R
band, started on 2007 Apr 7.058 UT (24.5 hr after the GRB), and the total
exposure time was 30 min.

Inside the BAT error circle, we find no source brighter than the SDSS
limit r_AB ~ 23 (Cool et al. GCN 6248; see also Adelman-McCarthy et al.
2006, ApJS, 162, 38). The limiting magnitude of our image is R_AB ~ 23.5.

We also do not see any object at the position of the candidate afterglow
proposed by Xin et al. (GCN 6253) down to the quoted limiting magnitude.

[GCN OPS NOTE(09apr07): Per author's request, the "Zheng et al" was chnaged
to "Xin et al".]
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