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GCN Circular 6010

GRB 070110: VLT absorption redshift
2007-01-11T11:23:49Z (17 years ago)
Daniele Malesani at Niels Bohr Inst,Dark Cosmology Center <>
A.O. Jaunsen (Univ. Oslo), D. Malesani, J.P.U. Fynbo, J. Sollerman
(DARK/NBI), P.M. Vreeswijk (ESO), report on behalf of a larger

We observed the optical afterglow of GRB 070110 (Krimm et al., GCN 6005;
Roming et al., GCN 6009) with the ESO VLT equipped with FORS2.
Observations started on 2007 Jan 11.04 UT (17.6 hr after the GRB). Three
1800-s spectra were acquired in the range 3800-8500 AA.

Based on the detection of a DLA and several metallic lines (among which
SiII 1260, SiIV 1394,1403, CIV 1548,1551 and many others), we infer a
redshift z = 2.352 +- 0.001. We also detect Lyalpha in emission
superimposed on the DLA trough. We caution that the wavelength calibration
has been performed using archival lamps.

We acknowledge the excellent support from the ESO/Paranal staff.
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