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GCN Circular 5922

GRB 061210: Optical sources near XRT positions
2006-12-14T19:27:09Z (17 years ago)
Edo Berger at Carnegie Obs <>
E. Berger (Carnegie Observatories) reports on behalf of a larger 

"Inspection of our Gemini/GMOS images (GCN #5912) at the positions of XRT 
sources S1 and S2 (GCN #5921) reveal the presence of several extended 
optical sources, one of which may be the host galaxy of GRB 061210.

Within the error circle of source S1 we detect a single extended object 
with r=24.8+/-0.2 mag (S1-G1).

Similarly, within the error circle of source S2 we detect an extended 
object with r=24.8+/-0.2 mag (S2-G1), as well as a brighter galaxy with a 
bulge-dominated morphology on the edge of the error circle with 
r=21.0+/-0.02 mag (S2-G2), and a third galaxy about 1.5" outside of the 
error circle with r=22.9+/-0.05 mag (S2-G3).  All magnitudes are derived 
using the zeropoint available on the GMOS website.

We note that the elliptical object EO1509-0232011 mentioned in GCN 5921 is 
not visible in our images (or in DSS2) and it is likely to be a high 
proper motion star.

In the absence of X-ray or optical variability it is unclear which (if 
any) of these galaxies is the host of GRB 061210.  However, if source S2 
is shown to be the X-ray afterglow, the most likely host galaxy is S2-G2 
given its brightness and consistent location with the XRT error circle."
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