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GCN Circular 5857

GRB 061126: Faulkes Telescope North Optical Observations
2006-11-26T09:57:27Z (18 years ago)
David Bersier at Liverpool John Moores U <>
R. Smith, A. Melandri, (Liverpool JMU), A. Gomboc (Ljubljana),
D. Bersier (Liverpool JMU) report on behalf of the RoboNet GRB

The 2-m Faulkes North Telescope (Hawaii) automatically reacted to the
Swift burst GRB061126 (trigger=240766, Sbarufatti et al. GCN 5854).
Observations started about 4.3 min after the trigger time. We report
the detection of the optical counterpart at the position

RA(J2000)  =  05:46:24.43
Dec(J2000) = +64:12:39.00

The automatic pipeline LT-TRAP identified a fading afterglow in BVRi'
filters, and we estimate an initial magnitude (10 second integration)
R = 15.97 +/- 0.05 (wrt USNOB) at t=4.30 min.

From the first 30 minutes of observations, a temporal decay index of
alpha ~ 1.0 has been measured.

Further observations and analysis are ongoing.
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