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GCN Circular 5504

GRB 060904B: ROTSE-III Detection of Optical Counterpart
2006-09-04T02:45:01Z (18 years ago)
Eli Rykoff at U of Michigan/ROTSE <>
E.S. Rykoff (U Mich), W. Rujopakarn (U Mich), F. Yuan (U Mich), report 
on behalf of the ROTSE collaboration:

ROTSE-IIIc, located at the H.E.S.S. site at Mt. Gamsberg, Namibia, 
responded to GRB 060904B (Swift trigger 228006). The first image was at 
02:31:22.4 UT, 18.5 s after the burst (5.3 s after the GCN notice time). 
The unfiltered images are calibrated relative to USNO A2.0. We detect a 
17.3 magnitude, brightening source with coordinates:

      03:52:50.52      -00:43:30.85    (J2000)

start UT    	mag     mlim(of image)
02:31:22.4     17.3     18.1

A jpeg image is available at

Continuing observations are in progress.

[GCN OPS NOTE(04sep06): Per author's request the 060904A was changed to B.]
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