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GCN Circular 5340

GRB 060719: LCO optical observations
2006-07-19T07:40:30Z (18 years ago)
Edo Berger at Carnegie Obs <>
E. Berger (OCIW) and A. Bonanos (CIW) report:

"We observed the field of GRB 060719 starting on 2006 July 19 at 07:10:45 
UT (20 min after the burst) with the 40-inch telescope at Las Campanas 
Observatory.  In a 300 sec R-band exposure we find a faint object close to 
the limit of DSS within the XRT error circle at (J2000):
	RA = 01:13:43.38
	DEC= -48:22:55.1
Further observations are underway to determine whether this source is 
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