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GCN Circular 5310

GRB 060605: SkyNet Optical Limits
2006-07-14T01:48:56Z (18 years ago)
Melissa Nysewander at UNC,Chapel Hill <>
A. Smith, S. Parris, J. Kirschbrown, J. Harvey, G. Spear, T. Graves, M.
Nysewander, D. Reichart, K. Ivarsen, A. Foster, A. LaCluyze, and J.A. Crain

SkyNet observed the localization of GRB 060605 (Page et al., GCN 5221)
beginning at 06:55:02 UT on 06/06/2006, 12.7 hours after the initial
trigger with the 14.5" TTT Telescope and the 14" GORT (GLAST Optical
Robotic) Telescope, located at Hume Observatory, California:

Filter  Start (UT)  Stop (UT)   Exposure   Total (hr)   Telescope

V       08:20:36    09:43:56    160s x 26     1.2          TTT
Red*    06:55:02    10:10:50    160s x 32     1.4          TTT
V       09:47:32    11:32:12    160s x 38     1.7          GORT
B       08:47:59    09:44:22    160s x 21     0.9          GORT

Observations were taken under poor conditions.  We do not detect the
afterglow (Rykoff et al., GCN 5220) down to 3-sigma limiting magnitudes of
V > 20.0 at a mean time of 14.8 hours, Red > 18.5 at 13.4 hours with TTT,
and V > 19.1, B > 16.7 at 16.4 and 15.0 hours respectively with GORT.

*Red well approximates the R-band.

[GCN OPS NOTE(14jul06): Several authors were added.]
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