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GCN Circular 5063

GRB060502B: Swift XRT Team refined analysis
2006-05-03T02:15:10Z (18 years ago)
Vanessa Mangano at INAF-IASFPA <>
E. Troja (INAF-IASFPA), V. Mangano (INAF-IASFPA),
V. La Parola (INAF-IASFPA), D. N.  Burrows (PSU)
report on behalf of the Swift XRT Team:

We have analyzed the first 10 ks of PC data of GRB060502B
(Troja et al 2006, GCN 5055).

The refined position of the source is

    RA  (2000) =  18h 35m 45.65s  
    Dec (2000) = +52d 37' 51.97'' 

with an uncertainty of 5.4 arcsec (90% containement).
This position is only 2.2 arcsec from the corrected
XRT position (Troja et al 2006, GCN 5059).

The 0.2-10 keV X-ray light curve shows a decay behaviour
with slope of -1.2 +/ 0.2.
There are only 36 counts in the extraction region, that are not
enough for a detailed spectral analysis. The estimated source flux,
assuming a photon index of 2.0, is  about 10^-13 ergs cm^-2 s^-1.
If decaying at the present rate the source will reach the
flux level of 1.5 x 10^-15 erg cm^-2 s^-1 (corresponding to
a count rate level of 2.9 x 10^-5 counts s^-1) after one day.

This Circular is an official product of the Swift XRT Team.

[GCN OPS NOTE(03may06): Per author's request, the "only 4 arcsec"
was changed to "only 2.2 arcsec".]
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