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GCN Circular 4951

GRB 060403: Swift/UVOT upper limits
2006-04-04T07:43:16Z (18 years ago)
Tracey Poole at MSSL <>
T. S. Poole (UCL-MSSL), and P. T. Boyd (NASA/GSFC) on behalf of the 
Swift/UVOT team.

The Swift/UVOT began observing the field of GRB060403 (BAT Trigger=203755,
P. T. Boyd, et. al, GCN 4945) at 13:13:00 UT, 43s after the BAT trigger 
(which includes the 10s V filter settling  exposure). No new source is 
detected at the XRT position (V. Mangano, GCN 4947) in coadded images with 
any of the filters. The following 5-sigma magnitude upper limits are not 
corrected for Galactic extinction; E(B-V) = 1.270.

Filter   T_range(s)  T_exp(s)  5sigma(mag)

V        43-10090    1220.0    19.25
B        4011-16788  1299.0    20.41
U	 3807-15876  1299.0    20.16
UVW1     3602-11845  1242.6    20.18
UVM2     3397-10994  1299.4    20.59
UVW2     4421-6052   399.6     19.99
WHITE	 63-17630    1329.8    20.37

Where T_range is time post-trigger, and T_exp is the exposure time of
the observation. A 6 arcsec radius was used for all filters.

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