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GCN Circular 48

GRB980329 optical observations
1998-04-06T19:07:37Z (26 years ago)
Elena Pian at TESRE-CNR,Bologna <>
E. Palazzi, N. Masetti, E. Pian, F. Frontera (ITeSRE-CNR, Bologna), L. 
Nicastro (IFCAI-CNR, Palermo), P. Vreeswijk, T. Galama, P. Groot, J. van
Paradijs (U. Amsterdam), M. Della Valle (Oss.  Astr. Padova), E.  Costa,
M. Feroci, L. Piro (IAS-CNR, Rome), C. Kouveliotou (MSFC-NASA), and
C. Lidman (ESO) 


The error box of GRB980329 (IAUC 6853) was observed with the NTT at ESO
(La Silla, Chile) on March 29.99, 30.99 and April 1.01 UT with EMMI in R
and V band filters.  Observations lasted 10+10 minutes per filter per
night.  Limiting magnitudes were ~24.0 in R and 23 in V.  On March 29.99,
at the position RA = 07h02m38s, Dec = +38deg50'44".1 (J2000), coincident
(to within the astrometric errors) with VLA J0702+3850 (GCN #40) and with
the galaxy reported by Djorgovski et al. (GCN #41), we detect an R = 23.5
(+/- 0.2) object.  The source is not detected in V, and in the subsequent
nights is undetected in both bands.  Using R = 25.7 (April 2, Djorgovski
et al., GCN #41) we obtain a luminosity power-law decay index <~ -1.3.
The extrapolation of this power-law to the time of the observations reported
by Guarnieri et al. (GCN #37, Mar 29.79), Brocato et al. and Cappellaro
(see below) is consistent with their non-detections.  The NTT R band images
can be found at the Web site, as well as the TIRGO
J band images reported in GCN #46. 

In addition:

E. Brocato, A. Piersimoni, and G. Raimondo (Oss. Astr. Teramo) report: 
We imaged the GRB980329 error circle with the 0.72-m telescope at Campo
Imperatore (Teramo) equipped with a Tek-CCD and R band filter on March
29.83 UT for 1800 s.  No object brighter than R = 20 is detected at the
VLA source position. 

E. Cappellaro (Oss. Astr. Padova) reports:  On March 29.81 and 29.99 UT,
the GRB980329 error circle was imaged for 1500 s using the 1.8-m telescope
at the Asiago observatory with AFOSC and R band filter.  Down to a limiting
magnitude of R = 21, no object is found at the VLA source position.
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