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GCN Circular 4715

GRB 060206: WSRT Radio Observations
2006-02-08T15:25:51Z (18 years ago)
Alexander van der Horst at U of Amsterdam <>
A.J. van der Horst (University of Amsterdam) reports on behalf of a larger

"We observed the position of the GRB 060206 afterglow at 4.9 GHz with the
Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope at February 7 21.89 UT to February 8
9.86 UT, i.e. 1.71 - 2.21 days after the burst (GCN 4682).
We do not detect a radio source within the SWIFT/XRT error circle (GCN
4689), in particular at the position of the optical counterpart (GCN 4683,
GCN 4684). The formal flux measurement for a point source at the position
of the optical counterpart is 39 +/- 22 microJy.
We note there is a bright radio source at RA 13h31m44.2s, Dec +35d03'04.6"
(+/- 0.5 arcsec, J2000), i.e. 12 arcsec offset from the optical/X-ray
counterpart position, with a flux of 738 +/- 28 microJy."

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