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GCN Circular 4661

GRB060204B: Faulkes OT candidate
2006-02-04T17:29:02Z (18 years ago)
Cristiano Guidorzi at ARI,Liverpool JMU <>
C. Guidorzi, C.G. Mundell, R.J. Smith, A. Monfardini,
A. Gomboc,I. A. Steele, C.J. Mottram, M.F. Bode (Liverpool JMU),
E. Rol, P. O'Brien, N. Bannister (Leicester) report:

"The 2-m Faulkes Telescope North followed up GRB060204B
(SWIFT trigger 180241) 46.2  min after the GRB trigger time.
We detect a new source in R and i' filters not present in the
SDSS pre-burst images (Cool et al., GCN 4657) at the following

14:07:14.9   27:40:36.4    (J2000)

with a magnitude R = 20.4 +- 0.4 mag (vs USNOB1), from 46.2 min to 57.0
min after the burst, and i'=20.1 +- 0.3 (vs SDSS i' band image),
from 53.2 min to 58.8 min after the burst trigger time.
The source lies inside the XRT error circle (Falcone et al. GCN 4655)."
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