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GCN Circular 4653

GRB 060202: UKIRT/WFCAM K-band and KeckI/LRIS I-band Observation
2006-02-04T10:27:15Z (18 years ago)
Yuko Kakazu at U of Hawaii/Inst. for Astro. <>
W.-H. Wang, Y. Kakazu (UH-IfA), B. P. Schmidt (ANU), 
L. L. Cowie (UH-IfA), S. B. Cenko, and D.-S. Moon (Caltech)

   We have reobserved the field GRB060202 (Fox et al., GCN 4629) with 
the Wide Field Camera on UKIRT in K-band filter at a mean epoch of 
approximately 5:45 UT on the February 4th.
Our total integration time is 36 min.

We still see the faint source reported by Wang et al. (GCN 4638)
at roughly the same magnitude (K=20.07 in 3" aperture diameter).

   We have imaged the same region also with the Low-Resolution 
Imaging Spectrometer mounted on the 10-m Keck I telescope.
Observations consisted of 4 x 150 s images taken in the I-band filter
at a mean time about 5:50 UT on February 4th.

The faint source (S1) reported by Cenko et al. (GCN 4636) was detected 
at roughly the same magnitude (I = 22.9 +/- 0.3).

  Our results suggest that the source S1 is not a GRB afterglow.
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