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GCN Circular 4590

GRB 060124: XRT refined analysis
2006-01-25T07:48:31Z (18 years ago)
Albert Kong at MIT <>
A. Kong (MIT)

We have analyzed a follow-up XRT observation of GRB 060124 taken 9.5 hours
after the first BAT detection (Holland et al. GCN 4570). The
observation lasted for 12.6 ksec and the effective Photon Counting mode
exposure time is 4.8 ksec. The X-ray afterglow (Mangano et al. GCN 4578)
is clearly detected with a count rate of 0.16 c/s. The refined position is

R.A.(J2000)  =  05h 08m 26.11s
Dec. (J2000) = +69d 44m 26.9s

with an uncertainty of 3.6 arcsec (90% containment). This position
includes the latest XRT boresight correction. The refined position is
6.1 arcsec from the first XRT observation (Mangano et al. GCN 4578) and
1 arcmin from the refined BAT observation (Fenimore GCN 4586).

The time averaged X-ray spectrum can be well fitted with an absorbed
power-law with a photon index of 2.1+/-0.2 (90% confidence level) and a
column density of (2.0+/-0.6)e21 cm^-2, slightly higher than the
Galactic value (9.3e20 cm-2). The time averaged unabsorbed 0.5-10 keV flux
is 9.3e-12 ergs cm^-2 s^-1.
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