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GCN Circular 4330

GRB 051210: Magellan Imaging
2005-12-12T00:42:27Z (18 years ago)
Josh Bloom at UC Berkeley <>
J. S. Bloom (UC Berkeley), M. Modjaz (CfA/Harvard), P. Challis
(CfA/Harvard), R. P. Kirshner (CfA/Harvard), W.-W. Chen (Chicago),
J. X. Prochaska (UCO/Lick) report:

Starting 11 Dec 2005 01:10:41 UTC, we observed the field of the short
burst GRB 051210 (Mangano et al. 4315, 4320; Sato et al. 4318) with
the 6.5m Clay/Magellan using the LDSS3 instrument (*). In a stack of
2x10min exposures in r'-band, we find one clearly detected source
consistent the revised (GCN 4320) error circle. The J2000 coordinates
of this source is:

    RA    = 22:00:40.93
    DEC = -57:36:47.1

We make no claim of variability at this time, and note that the
source appears somewhat extended (north by north east). In addition
there appears to be a marginally detected source at (end figures) 41.41,
47.0. Follow-up is encouraged."

A finding chart may be found at:
(red diamonds are USNO B1.0 positions)

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